Moving to the USA

Count on Alert Moving to make your move to the United States as stress-free as possible

Understanding your responsibilities, documentation requirements and what to expect at Canada/US Customs is the key to a successful move, avoiding unnecessary delays and/or having your shipment being held up at the border. Alert Moving’s Consultant will provide you with all of the necessary Customs forms and guide you to complete them. Please take extra care to ensure that passports, birth certificates, photo ID and social insurance/security numbers for each family member crossing the border are up to date.

Did you know that when you move from Canada to the US it is not necessary for you to be present when your goods cross the border? You must, however, enter the U.S. and declare your residency before your shipment can cross into the US border. Both countries have specific regulations regarding the items you can or can’t import and a list of items that are prohibited.

For more information, contact your Alert Moving Consultant. Additional information can also be found at these websites:

Moving from Canada to the US: