Local Container Services

This method is used for local and intra-provincial (within the province) transport, with storage components of up to six months. Alert shipping containers are government certified intermodal containers that have been modified with a spray foam moisture barrier, venting and lined with smooth sheeting. They are equipped with furniture pads, straps and state of the art load restraint systems to cover and secure your goods during transit. They measure 8′ X 8′ X 20′ and hold approximately 6 rooms of furniture.

Long Distance Container Services

Depending on your situation, containers can be a fast, safe and secure moving and storage solution for you

If you are making a move of 700 miles (1126 kilometers) or more within Canada, you will have the choice of shipping your household goods by van or by container service. Moving by container offers a number of unique benefits, including flexible delivery options (either expedited or delayed delivery) that allow you to choose the delivery date that best suits your needs. Picture a container as an individual box for your household goods.

If you choose to move by container, an Exclusive Use Option is available that guarantees that your contents will be kept separate from other shipments in your own personal, ®container. Containers are also an excellent and affordable short-term storage solution (up to 90 days) if you are unable to move into your new home right away. Because your shipment is stored in the container it was initially loaded in, your belongings do not have to be unloaded into a warehouse and then re-loaded onto a van. This means there is less handling, which lessens the chance of accidental damage to your contents.